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07 Agos 2015 

SI Tennis Podcast: Exclusive interview with Roger Federer from one year ago -

In this week's episode of the SI Tennis Behind the Baseline podcast, Sports Illustrated executive editor Jon Wertheim dives into his interview archives to bring back one of his favorites--a conversation with Roger Federer in August 2014 in Toronto--in honor of Throwback Thursday.

Over espressos and cappuccino in a hotel lobby in Toronto, Wertheim sits down with Federer to talk about where he stands in his life and in his career in August 2014. Federer discusses his life on tour with a family and how he is balancing fatherhood and tennis. He also talks about how he cautiously embraced social media--and now finds it to be a great, interactive space where he can connect with fans. At the age of 33, Federer reveals how he has seen the game has change since he first started playing, with the advances and changes in rackets, court speed and players' strategies. Out of the press room and away from the court, Federer gives an inside look into his personal life, inspirations, career, Swiss heritage, family and more. 

Listen to the SI Tennis Podcast below and to listen to more episodes, or other Sports Illustrated Podcasts, click here. 
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06 Agos 2015 

Opinion: Pope Francis's 'attendance' at GOP debate is going to help sink the party - MarketWatch

Pope's strike on industrialism obtaining hotter, GOP distracted by disputes

Soon, Francis will certainly be taking care of all 300 Republicans in person, all compelled to listen closely pleasantly (even if fuming inside like raving Rush) as the pope drives residence social policies for the poor, chips away at perks for rich capitalists and cautions of a mass transformation dead in advance. The GOP's days of playing deaf more than, the elephant on the 2015-16 political phase is the huge individual in the white suit with the engaging smile. So you much better listen to your pope, due to the fact that the voters are.

Yes, the election launch procedure will ratchet up a few decibels today, for the GOP governmental debate is honing all the big national, cultural and also moral conflicts between conventional values versus Pope Francis' game-changing program. In the meantime, none of them could listen to the pope's message. Yet soon, Pope Francis's message will be burning deep on every capitalist brain, hotter than a branding iron on a Texas bull ... Read his new catechism for all Catholics here.

So Jeb much better prepare to withdraw his latest gaff up in New Hampshire. Dismissing him will not function this election, he's got an army of billions on his side.

Up until now nobody's speaking much concerning WWIII. The media's stuck in low-brow method, drowning in the primary's clown-car soap opera. 10 brand-new ethical principles that however and unavoidably fill in direct opposition to everything you and also your conventional GOP debate employee stand for, 10 new moral policies assured to keep melting very hot psychological of millions of citizens for the following year till the huge election. However know this, a large social clash is coming for America, an ideological battle between the Pope's 10 new ethical rules versus the wisdom of GOP's capitalist base that's inherited Ayn Rand's ultra-conservative belief, where its survival the fittest, every-man-for-himself.

As long as the GOP prospects will try and also deny it, Pope Francis will be attending their dispute Thursday, so as a voice deep in the rear of their minds. and they'll be requiring a counterattack

It's so easy to visualize exactly what he'll state live to 300 GOP members of Congress next month when he appears before a sign up with session of Congress. They're shed in the loud lead-up to the very first GOP governmental argument. He'll be testing the GOP's core traditional values that greatly contrast with his 10 new ethical rules, at times even keeping in mind cracking them is a sin.

"Guy as well as ladies are compromised to the idols of revenue and intake: it is the 'culture of waste.' If a computer breaks it is a catastrophe, yet destitution, the needs as well as dramas of a lot of people wind up being thought about normal." Warning, he's now their champion inciting the rebellion.

Yes, that's why Pope Francis is the solitary most effective political leader in America and also the world today, not Trump, not Bush, nor any of the GOP debaters, not the 300 Republicans in Congress, not Big Oil contributors neither conservative billionaires. Few see exactly what's coming, fewer yet will certainly admit it. MSNBC claimed Jeb stating: "I do not get economic policy from my bishops or my cardinals or my pope," hence rejecting his pope: "I assume faith should certainly have to do with making us far better as individuals, less about things that wind up getting into the political world." Ouch, that's a gaff even worse compared to Jeb disowning his sibling George's Iraq War.

Obtain it? In Pope Francis' globe sight, WWIII has actually currently begun, is surging, right here, now, today. Pope Francis's candid delivery reminds us of a building worker operating a loud jackhammer, hell-bent on taking down the massive concrete erection of American industrialism with deep, biting assaults like:

Sorry Jeb, however your Pope Francis is already on document with 10 brand-new modern-era commandments. As well as you cannot simply disregard it with the typical boring financial unsupported claims and platitudes.

Pope Francis alerts, WWIII is currently below, join his mass change

We understand this protestor pope merely won't turning off-- he keeps increase his assault, hammering away at commercialism's battle versus the poor and the setting: "In this 3rd globe battle, waged piecemeal, which we are currently experiencing, a form of genocide is happening, and it must end."

. A heading recorded the voice of the celebration: "Rush Limbaugh goes bonkers since Pope Francis called out-of-control industrialism the dung of the devil." Yes, the pope said that industrialism is the "dung of the adversary.".

Yes, Pope Francis will actually listen to every dismissal articulated by GOP debaters, regarding exactly how they're dismissing just what the pope states in concerns of economics, social plan, global-warming science. The pope will additionally be a presence in the minds of millions of voters eavesdroping to the debate, in addition to every reporter and analyst wishing for a hot sound bite to catch.

However by September, Pope Francis' statement about WWIII will sound instead accurate as he takes care of the United Nations General Assembly after advising the GOP Congress, requiring an around the world revolution of the disenfranchised bad, while feeding the fires preceeding the December finalizing of a sweeping and also binding worldwide arrangement on climate adjustment and also carbon emissions, a bargain most likely approved by as several as 200 nation members of the UN, even as the GOP, Big Oil, the Koch billionaires function to eliminate it. Big blunder guys. So not a surprise that his relentless anticapitalism attacks are driving conservative doubters crazy.

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06 Agos 2015 

Saint John voters say jobs and economy hottest election issue -

(Duckie Monster/Flickr)

The longest election marketing campaign within Canadian history is merely obtaining underway, but voters inside Saint John currently understand what these people want.

Jobs, along with soon.

Statistics Canada lists Saint John's unemployment charge throughout June 2015 as 7.6 for each cent.

"Saint John can be a beautiful town as well as it absolutely was once thriving. We must infuse it together with even more life."

New Brunswick overall had been in 10.8 per cent within June 2015.

But he explained although Saint John provides gone Conservative within the past, it's tough to take the pulse this time around.

"We are living in a substantial unemployment area inside Atlantic Canada," stated Mills. It's any safe bet the particular economy will be the most essential issue throughout the campaign, but we haven't any thought what are usually the weeks in advance will bring."

. "The idea of energy East could be utilized much more inside relation to rhetoric," he said, explaining which it could be considered a tactic utilized by events to promise work as well as encourage detractors, even when any kind of real pipeline creating is still years away.

The chairman and also CEO regarding Corporate Study Associates, Don Mills, says his data confirms tasks are the many notable issue with regard to voters right across Atlantic Canada -- as well as that can be not more most likely to alter anytime soon.

MoneyCorporate research Associates says their own data confirms tasks are the the majority of notable issue with regard to voters proper across Atlantic Canada. "Jobs is the primary issue but it is just any little higher within New Brunswick than elsewhere."

It's your number one reaction CBC received for the issue involving which issue has been most critical in order to people in the city.

J.P. Lewis, associate professor regarding political science with UNBSJ, factors for the energy East pipeline as yet another potentially influential issue, yet stated it's difficult to predict.

Mills says the purpose why can be consistently higher unemployment prices within New Brunswick along with particularly within Saint John.

Canadians go to the polls Oct. 19.

"We require better job opportunities than simply industrial as well as call centre work," said resident Chris Fillmore, adding he really wants to observe work that do not call for as much specialized training.

"Even although we are generally actually not near some thing tangible, your get-togethers can easily nevertheless use it."

Lewis notes he's currently seen campaigning by Conservative incumbent Rodney Weston, Liberal candidate Wayne long and NDP candidate AJ Griffin.

"The truly incredible factor is the length with the campaign

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06 Agos 2015 

Northwest Indiana economy grows as jobs rebound -

The region offers now recovered more than 75 percent in the work opportunities lost within the Excellent Recession and it has 279,300 employed workers.

"We're acquiring back again there," Pollak said. Pertaining To the final three months the interest rate spread has remained negative as well as uncharacteristically stable."

Average manufacturing hours remained stable in 41.8 hours a new week, whilst list sales rose simply by 1.5 % in the 2nd quarter.

The region's economy should always improve. "The forecast for the regional economy over the subsequent six months carries on to be optimistic together with reasonable growth approaching two percent."

Indiana School Northwest's economic indicator elevated with regards to 0.9 % within the second quarter, a new gain associated with 0.72 percent, mainly since regarding strong growth inside the employment market and a rebound within steel production. Any lot of the higher-paying manufacturing work opportunities that have been lost get not been replaced, and also the new effort is lower-paying and also lower-skilled positions in the support sector."

"Despite these gains, the particular index is simply now time for its begin of the actual year level," IUN professor of finance Bala Arshanapalli along with assistant professor of economics Micah Pollak wrote inside their NWI Index report. Arshanapalli as well as Pollak forecast moderate growth of with regards to 2 percent more than the particular next six months.

Companies tend to be hiring. but do not get also enthused in regards in order to the state with the neighborhood economy.

Steel production remains significantly lower as compared to typical following your sharp decline within February, however continues to be able to be rising. "At the end involving the 2nd quarter the majority of leading economic indicators were promising. As Well As the Northwest Indiana Coincident Index rose for you to 140.8 last month, up 0.3 points from the month before.. Leading Index grew significantly as well as have reached their own highest level since prior to the truly amazing recession. Northwest Indiana's economy grew in a charge of 0.72 percent, a lot much better than the particular national typical of 0.69 percent.

So there's good news about the local economy.

"The slight decline the regional economy noticed within the very first quarter involving 2015 appears to become over and we're on track with regard to further growth," Arshanapalli along with Pollak wrote. both your Housing Marketplace Index and also U.S. "We're nonetheless pushing 280,000, but unfortunately not every jobs are created equal. The Particular neighborhood mills produced 4.5 percent much more steel within June compared to within March.

Jobs are usually coming back. the steel mills are usually acquiring a little busier. Northwest Indiana extra 6,400 jobs inside the 2nd quarter, a growth involving 2.4 percent

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05 Agos 2015 

Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen search update: Search dogs looking for teens ... -

Bowie said.

Austin and also Perry went missing more than per week ago.

Research dogs arrived in the Savannah region to look with regard to lacking boaters Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen.

That's based on Dr. Robert Bowie together with DEEMI Research along with Rescue.

Bowie says your dogs will research coastal locations in Georgia.

The Coast Guard called off their particular research right after searching for that boys for any week.

Their boat was originally positioned from the Coast Guard times following your boys went missing, but the boat has since disappeared.

They will use the dogs to test and also connect scents in between products located as well as the boys.

DEEMI can be a non profit organization that utilizes specializes in searching for people.

Bowie says they're coordinating an air research and ultizing hi-def photographs to end up being able to research for your boys.

VIDEO: volunteer research coordinator explains how dogs are helping. #FindAustinandPerry @WPTV

-- Brian Entin (@BrianEntin) August 4, 2015

. We consider the images and convey these home, upload these to a new server and also our individuals can start taking a look at those images," Dr.

The Florida Fish and also Wildlife Commission conducted interviews as a portion of the particular investigation in Tuesday, however they aren't declaring regardless of whether they might be nonetheless looking for that lacking boys.

"They have some posts they've recovered and they want to compare your immediate scent comparison to create positive it doesn't belong to the boys," Dr. Bowie said.

" We're browsing and becoming high res images

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